Our Music

We believe that music as an art form, and hip hop in particular, are as universal as mathematics, biology, or physics. This is how we express our interpretation of the world. We work on a variety of projects spanning multiple genres, but tend to lean towards hip hop. While we favor original compositionss over sampling other artists, we prominently feaure the turntable as an instrument.

About Us

This is who we are, what we do, and how we articulate the world, expressed artistically… Our music is original and authentic, but we wouldn't describe it as shiny or new. We're just people... We create art for art's sake because we can, and have fun in the process...

Guitar, Percussion, Vocals


Honed his craft and guitar-work playing music spanning from blues to punk rock. A San Diego native, residing in Oakland, CA

Keyboards, Drums, Vocals
Johnny Dubbs

Johnny Dubbs

A long-time producer and self-described "hip hop head" with roots in Chicago, Detroit, and Virginia. Currently residing in San Francisco, CA.

DJing, Videography, Sound Engineering
Our Partners

Our Partners

We work with a variety of collaborators across a number of fields to breathe life into our creative vision.

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We like to think that we make music for those that can relate, regardless of age. Its all about how you’re living and what you feel. Look and listen for yourself, and then join the conversation. Email us to learn more at: